Storystorm – Recap

I just completed my first Storystorm and I absolutely loved it. (If you aren’t familiar with Storystorm, check out Tara Lazar’s site for full details:

Going into it, I knew it sounded like a lot of fun but I wasn’t expecting to enjoy it as much as I did. There were a few days I struggled to come up with something but most days the ideas just fell into my lap when I wasn’t even actively looking for them.

Participating in Storystorm opened my mind up to receiving ideas from anywhere and everywhere. And to prove that, here is a sample of places I got ideas from:

  • My favourite episode of Full House
  • My husband’s grandmother
  • My dirty kitchen floor
  • A documentary on Netflix
  • Advice that one of the Storystorm guest bloggers gave
  • My neighbour’s house
  • On a drive to go somewhere I didn’t want to go (which then made me glad that I went)

In total, I ended up with 67 ideas including three that I’m really excited about and one that I’m really, really excited about. Like that I-can’t-fall-asleep-because-this-could-be-the-one type of idea.

A big thank you to Tara Lazar and all the Storystorm 2018 guest bloggers! I can already tell that taking part in Storystorm has opened me up to receiving many more ideas than I did before.

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