Von’s Valentine’s Surprise (Valentiny contest entry)

As a new children’s book author, I’m excited to be entering my first contest! It’s Susanna Leonard Hill’s Valentiny Writing Contest and the rules are as follows: a Valentine’s themed story no more than 214 words (get it, 2/14?) in which someone is hopeful.

Below is my entry, Von’s Valentine’s Surprise (211 words):


Von’s Valentine’s Surprise

Von leaped out of bed – it was Valentine’s Day!

He bounced down the stairs and skipped into the kitchen, but his parents were acting like it was a normal day.

“Mom and dad, do you have anything for me?”

They gave him a kiss on the cheek. (Not exactly what he was looking for.)

I bet they’ll have something for me after school, he thought.

Von ran to school, his backpack full of treats for his classmates.

There wasn’t one Valentine in sight and Von was the only one wearing red.

I bet we’re celebrating Valentine’s Day after lunch, he thought.

Nothing happened after lunch either, so Von headed home with his backpack still full of treats for his classmates.

Maybe Valentine’s Day is going to be celebrated at night, Von thought, like how we go trick-or-treating after dinner.

He scarfed down his food and patiently waited.

“Ok Von,” his dad said. “Let’s go!”

This was it, it was finally time for Valentine’s Day.

“It’s time for…a bath!”

Von couldn’t take it anymore. Did everyone forget about Valentine’s Day? Did Valentine’s Day get cancelled?

“What’s the matter?” his dad asked.

“Why did no one celebrate Valentine’s Day today?!” Von sobbed.

His dad chuckled. “Because Valentine’s Day is tomorrow!”


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